10 Celebreties Who Love Running

Running is one of the activities that will help in maintaining your body and in so doing people will tend to run so that they can keep their health. Running has a lot of advantages that come with it, like for instance running will help in burning down the calories and thus your body will be well throughout. Also running help in fighting heart problems; therefore, you will live a happy life knowing that you have nothing to fear of no matter the circumstance.

Running is something that you can’t be forced to do instead it is an only passion that drives you towards doing it, it usually is good to time yourself when you practice so that you can judge whether you are improving. The list, therefore, takes us through the celebrities who have embraced the act of running, and they love it.

1. Ryan Reynolds

He has achieved a lot in his career, and he has played a part in the movie Green Hornet. For the love of running, he participated in the 2008 New York Marathon where he tried his best and recorded a time of 3:50:00.


He participated in this marathon to help him raise funds for that charity to help his father who was suffering from a particular condition. During his career, he was able to be ranked as the best male actor working today.

2. Jennifer Lawrence

Born in Louisville, Kentucky, United States of America the lady participated in the run to help her in preparation for the role she was taking in the Hunger Games Film. Since the movie involved some running, she prepared herself well to perform well in the film. Also in the movie Silver Lining Playbook, she was seen running.

3. George W. Bush

This is one among the famous runners and most prominent people in the world. Being a former American president George W. Bush is an avid runner, in his statement running helped him to get enough sleep and thus kept him disciplined to follow the procedure for his benefit. In his participation in the 1993 Houston Marathon, he finished at a time of 3:44:52

4. Jessica Albe

Being an actor of the film Sin City, she is a fantastic actor that just incorporated running in his fitness routine. She runs to keep the body fit.

5. Tom Cruise

He takes the run to keep the body it for his role in the film Mission Impossible and the movie Jack Reacher.

6. Kim Kardashian

She is a reality TV star that also runs in the aim to keep the body fit and also to stay in good shape. She usually like jogging to remain fit in body shape; this helps her a lot in her daily activities in real life.

7. Edward Norton

He took part in the year 2009 and run for the New York Marathon and manages to record a time of 3:48:01. He used to make a part in the run to raise money for the Kenyan charitable Maasai wilderness conservation trust. He is also an actor in the fight club.

Edward Norton

8. Sarah Palin

She has been active in politics, and she was the former Governor of the Alaskan. She started running while she was still young since she grew up in a running family and thus it encouraged her lot she participated in the 2005 Humpy’s Marathon and recorded a finish time of 3:59:36

9. Drew Carey

The main intention that motivated him towards running is the point that he wanted to lose weight and thus in helping him achieve good results, he decided to participate in the Marine Corps Marathon ion the year 2011 where he finished at a time of 4:41:39

10. Anna Paquin

She is an actress, and she has been featured in the movie True Blood.

In most of the cases, you will find that she is jogging and this helps her lot to maintain the body shape and also to keep her fit at all times.


Most of the top celebrated celebrities involve themselves in the running to keep them balanced at all time. It is essential to be involved in a running exercise as it helps in shaping the body and keeping you fit through the entire life.