When do You Need a Transactional Lawyer


At one point in time, the chances are very high that you or someone close to you will need an attorney to assist you with your legal matters. In fact, it does not really matter if the reason is for personal or business purposes, attorneys play a key role in many different sectors of society. The type of lawyer, however, that you contact will make a vast difference in what legal matters must be handled. So, you need to do your research first in order to determine which lawyer will be best for your particular situation.


Typically, when an individual or business is looking for an attorney to help them with certain legal matters, they may find that a transactional lawyer suits their needs best This is because a transactional lawyer can take care of quite a few things that need to be done.

So when do you need a Transactional Attorney?

Because a transactional lawyer has the knowledge and expertise to represent both business organizations and individuals too, they normally have the capability to advise their clients on a wide range of legal issues. However, their specialties will primarily consist of those that have been provided for you below.

Skilled in Advising and Representing Business organizations and Agencies

Transactional attorneys can be contacted for several different reasons and purposes. Therefore, when a business owner makes a decision to contact them for their help, they may requests assistance with the following items:

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For starters, one of the first things that these attorneys may need help with is the beginning parts of their overall organizational structure. Aside from deciding which promotional marketing ads that they will use to grow their business, they may need assistance from an attorney to assist in forming the business legally.

For instance, they can work on forming the business with the appropriate forms that set up that particular entity. The appropriate paperwork usually leads to forming a proprietorship, partnership, LLC or a corporation. In either case, these lawyers specialize in handling the paperwork for these kinds of transactions. Here’s are a few of the other types of activities that these lawyers perform as well

– Negotiate and draft contracts

– Advise clients on topics like general compliance, governance, and commercial matters

– Provide legal counsel on legal forms, tax exemptions, and applications

– Assist in developing personnel policies on a wide range of different sectors of the business, including licensing matters, intellectual property, real estate, and regulatory matters.

Skilled in Advising and Representing Individuals

Transactional attorneys are also skilled in representing and advising individuals too. However, the services that they provide are usually different from the business clients that they represent. In the case of an individual, the services provided include the following:

– Draft wills for their individual clients

– Serve as the powers of attorney

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– Serve as a legal aid in real state planning documents

– Drafting and negotiating personal contracts like loan modifications, leases, and employment agreements

– File tax documents


Transactional attorneys provide a wide range of essential services for their clients. The services that they offer will not only benefit businesses but also individuals. The legal aid that they provide can range from negotiating and drafting contracts to filing tax documents, a transactional attorney specializes in all types of different legal transactions.