Best Apps For Managing Bar Inventory

To be more productive and accountable at work, bar managers should be open to using inventory management tools. Bar inventory management apps, which run on handheld devices, are among these tools. The apps help increase productivity and accountability by helping bar managers to take their inventories and generate variance reports. Discussed below are five of these apps based on analytics, accuracy and POS integration.

1. Bar Patrol

Bar Patrol is an excellent bar inventory app that can integrate with your POS system. The app can uses Bluetooth scale as its main measurement method.

Mobile App

Though it only runs on iOS powered devices, it is among the cheapest inventory applications you’ll ever find for your bar. You can rely on it as a great tool for ordering, invoicing and generating variance reports.

2. Partender

Partender comes to the rescue of bar managers or owners looking for a multi-platform solution for managing their inventories and invoices. With a slider as its measurement tool, the application can help you manage ordering and invoicing tasks.

It can also run on both iOS and Android powered devices. Its downside is that it can’t integrate with your current POS system and it can’t generate variance reports.

3. Bevspot

Bar managers rely on Bevspot as a mobile application that can help them take inventory twice as fast as other applications on the market.

Bar App

Bevspot is available for Android and iPhone users looking to gain insights into their bar’s ordering and invoicing activities. The application is also a perfect tool for generating variance reports. Besides using a slider for measurements, the app can integrate well with your bar’s POS system.

4. Bevinco

With scale as its main measuring method, Bevinco is an ideal app for bar managers looking to get accurate variance reports. The application can adjust to the needs of your POS system and help you take inventory in the fastest way possible. Though it’s only available for iOS users, it makes ordering and invoicing tasks in the operation of a bar much easier. As a reasonably-priced app, Bevnco stands out from its competitors.

5. Bevager

Bevager is an iOS app that targets bar managers and owners who have a shared goal of being accountable of their bar’s inventories. The app has a variance report generator that keeps these individuals accountable for every stock that is available in the bar.

Bevager allows them to take less time when counterchecking their inventories for them to be productive in other tasks that await them. It also makes ordering and invoicing simpler by automating order reports based on set prices.


The five apps discussed above share certain similarities that enable them to be must-have tools for bar owners and managers. All of them can help you take inventories as fast as you can and automate order reports depending on set prices. However, they differ in terms of the measurement method they use and their respective subscription fees.

Note that an app for bar inventory management that doesn’t integrate with your POS system is time consuming to use since it forces you to enter the sales data.